August 2021

FEE $4,865 SINGLE SUPPLEMENT plus $685.00
50% deposit required with reservation.

BALANCE DUE July 1, 2021
Check or money order payable to Barbara Nelson.

340 Haven Avenue #3J, New York, NY 10033

As my workshops are structured for small groups, I rely on your attendance to organize many of the workshops’ logistics. Additionally, most of the international workshops require a deposit at time of registration and full payment up to 60 days prior to beginning of the reservations. If for any reason you decide to no longer attend the workshop, please notify me and I will return the deposit less a $400 cancellation fee. If you cancel between 120 and 60 days prior to the workshop I will retain $800. If the notification is made less than 60 days prior to the start of the workshop no monies will be refunded.
If the workshop is cancelled by the organizers because of lack of registration, a full refund will be made.
Please note that in case of exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances such as hurricanes, earthquakes, major floods, tsunami, a war or governments' change of policies in the countries I produce workshops and seminars, I will only offer as a refund a new workshop, equal to the value of this workshop, in any of the other venues during that same calendar year. No other forms of refunds will be available.
As always, we strongly suggest travel insurance that gives good coverage for most circumstances including personal health issues that might occur with you or your family as well as natural disasters that make travel impossible or dangerous. It is also advised that all check their health insurance to make sure it covers you out-of-country.
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